Tim Jones (Holston Conference), Annette Spence (Holston Conference), and Jackie Campbell (Western PA Conference) are three of the communicators covering the 2019 Special General Conference. So far, they see it as a celebration and, at the same time, subdued. Campbell and Spence have each been to five or more general conferences while this is a first for Jones.

Deadlines have changed and so has the technology – cell phones, for example, were once restricted within the bar of the conference, but now they’re a standard means of contacting delegates and displaying documents.

Jones, Spence, and Campbell feel the distance between the delegates and communicators – the press box is six stories above the floor where the delegates are seated. They understand that they’re engaged in an historic moment in the history of The United Methodist Church – “We’re all called to be here and do this work,” something that’s a heavy responsibility they acknowledged.