Grace and Peace!

Millions of United Methodist around the world have been anticipating the special called 2019 General Conference, where 864 delegates will discern our United Methodist stance around human sexuality. Gary and I arrived in
St. Louis on Thursday and were able to orient ourselves to the downtown area. We also traveled to the top of the Gateway Arch, which is commonly called “The Gateway to the West.” 

Friday, the bishops spent the day in Executive Session, where we prepared ourselves spiritually to lead the General Conference with grace, hope, and a heart of peace. We went on a walking tour of the Dome at America’s Center (Convention Center) and found the places where we will be sitting during plenary sessions. The Council of Bishops enjoyed dinner with members of the Commission on a Way Forward, who worked so diligently and prayerfully on behalf of the Council of Bishops to offer petitions to the body. 

Saturday will be our General Conference Day of Prayer. Before any discussion begins, we will ground ourselves in prayer for the delegates and leaders of General Conference, bishops, clergy, and laity around the world, LGBTQ persons, Christians facing violence and persecution, and the unity of the church. There will also be various prayer stations, experiential prayer guided by bishops from four difference regions, and the world, and holy communion and anointing with oil.

Please join us in prayer today!


Bishop Laurie